TAO – the road, beginning of the beginning, nothing in nothing, action within the inaction – natural presence. This is one of the main concepts of Taoism for balanced way of life. It shows the road of the spirit within us and around us (“TAO Te Ching” by Loazi). We want to help you find the way to the balance of the spirit, mind and body.

Massage and Atmosphere

ТАО Center offers a good selection of rituals, original, therapeutic and classical massages. TAO SIGNATURE MASSAGES are massages that have been specifically created for TAO Center. TAO SIGNATURE MASSAGES use individual approach toward each client. TAO SIGNATURE MASSAGES combine the extensive skills of our therapy experts from Thailand and Bali with some ancient Asian practices. We created an exquisite environment with excellent design, so that every space within TAO Center became unique. The studio has individual massage rooms and also a double massage room for shared experience.

Asian Experts from Thailand and Bali

We have high quality and we do not make compromises with our services. Our experts have background related to Thailand and Bali and many years of experience in these countries – Thailand, India and Japan. They will lead you to a special state of complete relaxation and spiritual balance.

Organic Oils from Thailand

ТАО Center works with original massage oils and products with organic compounds that have been created exclusively for our studio, according to some ancient Thailand texts.


Our massages combine different methods that were selected according to their strength to activate, harmonize and balance the three main energy centers and restore the inflow of bodily powers (Chi)..



We offer you a virtual walk in our world. Enjoy our authentic atmosphere. Escape from your busy lifestyle. Be our guest!


Indulged in our daily tasks, we often forget that our body is a perfect mechanism, which, however, we should not stop to care about. Pain is a sign that we have neglected our body’s needs. Any discomfort is a sign that the balance is lost, and this is a good reason to visit immediately Tao Center - massage studio Sofia Lozenets, from where people leave like being reborn.


The magic of the Asian approach in healing and recovery


One of the most important components of the traditional Thai healing system is its massage technique. What is the difference between it and the classic one? How does it surpass Western style massage? How is it associated with certain mysterious knowledge and secret principles of work?

We from Tao Center - the studio for Thai massage Lozenets know the answers of these questions. Our regular customers know them too. Everyone who has visited our center at least once has understood the essence and principles of massage techniques coming from faraway Asia. The difference between the Western and Eastern approach is huge, but what exactly is it? Let's try to answer comprehensively.

Thai massage, including the one made in our prestigious massage studio in Sofia, is really different from the Western one. Thai massage applies energy treatment, which, according to ancient Asian culture, relish the subtle energetic field within the body and is a basic principle of all manipulations performed by the masseur. It corrects blockages, imbalances and deficiencies in the flow of this energy which then is believed to improve the health.

For us Europeans, this is a rather unusual wording, because the existence of any energetic field has not been anatomically proven, but it is known from practice that the Thai method really works very well. At the same time, it combines the benefits of Indian and Chinese medicine with massage, categorized in Western countries as classical.

In order to understand the specific techniques applied in our luxury massage studio in Sofia, it is necessary to pay special attention to the work of the therapist. During the session, he or she is not limited to gliding and kneading motions, but also will move you into a series of yoga, using not only hand, knees, legs and feet but all the weight of his or her body.

With such techniques, the impact on problem areas is enhanced, but more importantly, massages can be performed not only by strong men, but also by fragile women, as you will find in our center. It is characteristic of Thai masseurs that they do not have the typical professional problems that their Western colleagues face. For them, no part of the body is overloaded.

One important rule, strictly followed in our studio for professional Thai massage Sofia, is: the therapist must be emotionally connected with the person he is healing. This will make it easier for him to find the essence of the problem, receiving a response from the body's systems. Delicate painless contact can be very effective.

One of the basic principles of the Thai masseur is to intuitively feel the person’s reactions to the treatment, so as not to cause painful sensations and discomfort. The technique of ancient Asian Tao massage is available only to highly qualified specialists. We employ certified therapists from Thailand with extensive experience.


 Secret knowledge and skills


Asian masseurs certainly have secret knowledge that is completely unknown to the average person. There is no particular mystery in this fact, however. The experience of many generations, the unique culture plus the traditions of folk medicine - these are the main secrets of true professionals. Centuries of experience are a solid advantage of the Thai treatment skills.

The special healing and restorative rituals, held in our superior Thai massage studio in Sofia, are at an exclusive price. The cost of Eastern therapeutic procedures is higher than that of standard chiropractic therapies for several reasons. On the one hand, the effect is striking, and on the other - in addition to the body healing, treats the subtle energetic field within the body.

Tao massage works wonders, succeeding where all conventional and non-traditional methods have failed. What is the cause of this phenomenon? The ability of ancient Asian healing practice to perceive beyond the anatomical features of the human body. For it, it is not a collection of autonomously existing systems, but an integral complex in which the condition of each organ affects the well-being of man as a whole.

This principle is the basis of all health care techniques in Thailand, India and China. The main advantage of Eastern medicine is that the effect does not extend only to individual organs and systems, but to the whole complex organization of human physiology. This is the miracle of traditional Thai massage, already available in Sofia.


Unique benefits

The reasons to pamper yourself in our luxury massage center in Sofia are the definite benefits of each treatment. In addition to the specific effect, Thai massage, like the classic one, helps to relieve muscle tension and joint pain. It is a useful procedure for those who face the problem of chronic fatigue, suffer from increased energy loss and have trouble sleeping.

This type of massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage; boosts energy and   calms the nervous system. Weight loss becomes a beneficial side effect of the healing process. With the massage the mechanisms of self-regulation are activated, the vicious circle: fatigue - lethargy - lack of physical activity - fatigue, is broken. The boost of energy after the session is one of the main advantages of this unique procedure. After all that has been said so far, it is very clear why the prices offered in our Thai massage studio in Sofia are not high at all.

Just think of how much you would pay for an examination, and even more for some routine medical manipulation in a hospital, and without special guarantees to achieve the desired result. Ancient Eastern practices rely on the ability of the human body to heal itself. Medical treatment of diseases and injuries is not a cure, but the maintenance of a chronic condition within tolerable limits.

The cause of a large number of health problems is the impaired contraction of blood vessels and muscles, which makes it almost impossible to determine the main cause of the disease in any part of the body. As a result, doctors try to treat the effect without knowing the cause of the disease, and the benefits of such treatment are questionable.

Thai medicine, practiced in specialized massage studios around the world, aims primarily to identify problems. It launches a self-learning program in the body that helps the whole mechanism called "human" to work harmoniously.

We assure you that no theories and descriptions will give you a full understanding of how Thailand's folk healing system works. It is worth trying one of the many professional Asian massages once to personally understand the whole truth and see for yourself the many benefits of the therapy.


History and traditions of the skill of healing with a gently touch


Today, all over the world massage studios whose activity is based on the Thai healing system, have opened their doors. The founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to have been Chiwaka Komaraphat who is said to have been the Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago. He is recorded in ancient documents as having extraordinary medical skills, and for having treated important people of his day, including the Buddha himself.

Chiwaka creates a magical methodology that heals not only the physical but also the spiritual health of man. In the last 2000 years, it has not lost even a part of its relevance. On the contrary, it finds more and more followers. Our Thai Massage Center in Lozenets offers one of the best massages in Sofia. Visit us!

Of interest is the question, why is the massage invented by an Indian called Thai? The fact is that although it originates from India, massage gets its main development in Thailand. Thanks to the special culture and philosophy of life in this eastern country, the use of unique massage techniques, along with exercise and religious prayers, makes it possible to achieve a complete cleansing of the body and complete harmony between soul and body.

In ancient times, the only place where knowledge of Thai spiritual teachings was understood was the Buddhist temple. A similar concept is followed by our massage studio in Sofia, although religious rites in the Western world are poorly presented. The fact is, however, that when the massage is accompanied with prayers and unites some of the religious, philosophical and medical teachings of the ancient East, the result is astounding.

No ancient Eastern healing technique, especially the Thai Tao massage, can be perceived only as work with the hands. It is also a spiritual practice, the so-called "metta", which for Buddhists means:  benevolence, loving-kindness and active interest in others. Even today, the true masters of Thai massage practice remain deeply religious persons, to whom the compassion and universal loving-kindness concept is on first place.

The atmosphere is of great importance for both the giver and the receiver, which is why in our specialized massage studio in Lozenets there is complete harmony of body, mind and spirit. Aroma therapy and hot stone massage are prevalent. Some therapies begin with herbal compresses and foot soaks with Himalayan salt.

Tao Center offers you the best professional Asian massages in Sofia, and we do not only mean the mastery of our therapists and the correct implementation of the various techniques. For maximum satisfaction from your visit to the center, we have taken care to provide you with comfort, warmth and real pleasure for all the senses. We will amaze you with the interior and refined atmosphere, with personal attitude, which each of our clients enjoys and last but not least - with the ability to heal only by a gentle touch.


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