| 3 | TAO SIGNATURE Massage – Three Treasures

According to the ancient Dao theory the body has three main energy centers called Dan Tiens where our bodily power and energy – Chi – gathered, stored and distributed throughout the body. Every center is related to certain physical, emotional and psychological functions. Each of these centers has a specific type of energy. Jointly these three Dan Tien centers are called the Three Treasures.

This medicinal massage combines methods that were specially selected, so that they will activate, harmonize and balance the Three Treasures or the three centers.

We have reinforcement of the weaker centers by special techniques in order to restore the inflow of bodily energy and this will bring the balancing of all the centers.

Some techniques of the Chinese Tui Na massage are used. These are employed for specific points of the body and this helps, stimulates and activates the Chi energy within the body. There is a combination with aroma therapy with use of our special oils “Three Treasures” that were specially created for the TAO Center.

The therapy starts with the placement of the feet in hot water with some Himalayan salt and foot massage. The Himalayan salt was known in ancient times and was specifically called “white gold”. It helps the detoxification and cleansing from negative energy and stress. Then we have massage employing special techniques targeting the three centers or “treasures”: abdomen area – lower Dan Tien; chest area – middle Dan Tien (solar plexus); and head/neck – upper Dan Tien.

This therapy maintains the individual function of each energy center. It helps and reinforces the balance and harmony between the mind, body and spirit. It creates a feeling of integrity, balance and vitality. The massage targets the entire body and there is an emphasis toward the abdomen, chest, head and neck, using the essential oil you selected.

Information 140 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.