Healers whom you can rely completely

Finding a good masseur in Sofia is not very difficult, but to find an experienced specialist who knows Thai massage practices to perfection is a real challenge. The skills, knowledge and experience of a masseur are what create the good reputation of a massage studio.

Tao Center has some of the best masseuses practicing the classic Thai massage in Sofia. Their fragile physique should not deceive you, because mastering the specific techniques to perfection; they perform the massage with ease, applying a force that is not seemingly inherent for them.

The power of the spirit is what makes a masseur a true master of the art of healing with touch. For the true healer, each session is a ritual through which his energy merges with the energy of the client. In this way, the masseur acquires the ability to correctly comprehend the signs of the body. To find the source of the problem and to react directly on it.

Our Thai masseurs are in Sofia to help hundreds and even thousands of people to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. In the stressful world we live in, Tao massage performed by a highly qualified and experienced specialist can make wonders. Leaving yourself in the experienced hands of Narada, you will feel the energy of the healing stones and you will be charged with positive emotions, inhaling the scents of essential oils from exotic plants.

Tip has proven her mastery not only in Asia but also in Australia and Europe. Bulgaria is a place that desperately needs the experience of such a masseur. She has a perfect command of techniques in Thai massage that you probably haven't heard of before. Few masseuses in Sofia can boast of her intuition and ability to relieve pain and cramps in various parts of the body.

And since the famous Thai massage was created by an ancient Indian healer, it is impossible not to have a professional from this country in our team. Hajime is a virtuoso in massage therapy, Reiki therapies and special energy practices. It is little known that Thai massage techniques are closely related to Indian philosophy and system of exercises - Yoga. Yoga is a teaching that helps us keep our body in excellent condition, skillfully managing the mind and spirit.

Dr. Nong is not just a high-ranking therapist, but above all an unmistakable diagnostician. Properly diagnosed is the first and only condition for proper treatment. He does not need expensive and modern diagnostic equipment. His hands are the ones that scan the whole body, find the problem area and treat it.

If you are looking for a good masseur in Sofia, visit Tao Center, where the best masters of Thai massage techniques will take care of the good condition of your body and spirit. Our masseurs turn an ancient healing art into a sacred ritual, which is always approached with due attention to the individual needs of the client.

They clearly feel the energy flow and always strive to ensure that the massage helps as much as possible the person who needs their help. And let's not forget the most important thing - Thai massage uses mainly positive energy flow directed from the masseur to the patient, which means that you will get much more than the usual manual therapy offered in any other massage studio.

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