About us

TAO refers to the Great Way of the Universe.

The translation of TAO is the “Road”.

TAO is the consciousness associated with the depth of your true self.

TAO is the limitless creation of the Universe.

TAO – the road, beginning of the beginning, nothing in nothing, action within the inaction – the natural action – one of the main concepts of Taoism for balanced way of life that shows the spiritual aspects within us and around us (“TAO Te Ching” by Loazi).

The guests of TAO Center will be able to enjoy the relaxing environment and the refined and stylish setting where each room has unique design and high functionality. Thus the guests will be able to leave the hectic outside world even for a short periods of time.


The Center offers individual massage rooms (a personal room just for you) with a selected palette of classic massage, exotic massage, medicinal massage and original massage. There is also a selection of therapies and rituals based on ancient Thai practices.


Through the uncompromised quality and high-level services of our experts from Thailand who have many years of experience in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui, you will enjoy a state of full relaxation and spiritual balance.

The unique features, uncompromised high quality and services have the highest priority for us!

Our goal is to help you reach harmony and balance of the mind, body and spirit. ТАО Center offers a selection of original, therapeutic and classical massages and rituals. In order to achieve this we use some Asian practices for treatment, detoxification and healing.

ТАО Center offers a selection of original, therapeutic, classical massages and rituals. TAO SIGNATURE MASSAGES are massages that were specifically created for YOU. TAO SIGNATURE MASSAGES originate from the many years of experience and skill development of our Indian and Thailand therapists. We have individual approach toward each client. Our goal is to help you reach harmony and balance of the body, the mind and the spirit.


The art of the Asian massage has been practiced for about 2000 years. The originator of this massage is considered the close friend and doctor of Buddha who was called Jivaka.

According to the ancient Dao theory, the body has three main energy centers – or three Dan Tiens where our body power and strength (Chi, Qi) is collected, stored and distributed throughout the body. Every Dan Tien is related to certain physical, emotional and psychological functions and each of these has a specific type of energy.

Our massage combines different methods that are selected according to the capacity to activate, harmonize and balance each Dan Tien in order to restore the inflow of life energy (Chi, Qi).

Asian Massage:
– This massage will give you deep relaxation, calm and peace for your body and mind
– The massage will remove your pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints
– The massage will stimulate the blood flow and lymph system
– The massage will facilitate the energy flow within the entire body
– The massage will improve the agility of your joints and the flexibility of tendons
– The massage will stimulate the proper function of the internal organs
– The massage will help in the case of depressions, migraines and insomnia
– The massage will help you digestion, metabolism and removal of harmful substances from the body

The Asian Massage is NOT recommended in the following cases:
– The massage is NOT recommended in the case of serious illness or serious bodily harms
– The classical Thailand Massage is NOT suitable for pregnant women
– The massage is NOT recommended in case of high blood pressure or serious heart conditions
– The massage is NOT recommended in case of varicose veins