| 5 | TAO SIGNATURE Massage – Herbal Bliss

The Asian, herbal, ТАО Massage starts  with placement of the feet in a herbal infusion. In this infusion we have fresh and dry herbs that are known for their medicinal properties. This allows the heat to move gradually up the legs and enter the body with a pleasant sensation of calm and relaxation. The therapy will continue with the so-called Potli method. This is an ancient massage technique which is one of the most popular in Thailand and India.

After the herbal ritual our Thai therapists will continue the massage with a high-level combination of Thai and Yoga techniques for stretching and massage with high pressure placed over specific parts of the body.

These techniques will stimulate the blood flow with elimination of toxins from the body. This will allow the body to heal itself naturally.

The use of herbal compresses is a traditional Thai therapy that dates back to ancient times. Then it was a secret medicinal technique of Buddhist monks and local healers. The Thai herbal compress includes special infusions using herbs and spices that were wrapped in cloth and steamed. The use of steam allows the release of natural essential oils and spice aromas that will provide deep relaxation, lower stress levels; increased physical tonus, improved blood and lymph circulation and stimulation of the internal organs.

Using the hot bags we have treatment of the entire body, starting from the feet, the legs and with gradual moving toward the back, the neck, the hands, the shoulders and the head.

The massage will target the entire body and will use herbal compresses.

Information  130 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.