| 2 | TAO SIGNATURE Massage – Five Elements

The theory of the Five Elements was born about 5000 years age in ancient China and also in some parts of India. It refers to the five main organs in the human body.

The five elements are: wood, fire, earth, metal and water

This Five Elements therapy starts with the preparation of an individual astrological map that shows the percentage distribution of the five elements within the body. The map gives opportunity to define the strong and weak elements in the body /measured as percentage points/. This method uses a strongly individualized method of action. The astrological map is realized by our experts in place. The necessary information for the realization is the following: date, month, year and time of birth.

The massage starts as the feet a placed in hot water with some Himalayan salt. This salt helps the detoxification and  cleansing from negative energy and stress. It prepares the body for the next step of the therapy which is a combination between Thai oil and aroma massage therapy for the entire body. Then we have a special massage based on the specific distribution of the five elements within your body with a combination of specific 5 oils that were specially created for the TAO Center and also in relation to this type of medicinal massage based on the Five Elements. This therapy stimulates the sense of balance and harmony with the Five Elements.

It provides sense of internal strength and security.

The massage is realized through the use of five essential oils for the entire body.

Information  140 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.