| 3 | TAO SIGNATURE Massage – City Escape

Massage of the entire body: we use relaxing music and soft light in order to create a feeling of calm and bliss. However, what most people do not know is that as you are in a state of complete relaxation, your body will go into a mode of full activation due to the massage. The massage stimulated the nervous system; it activates the muscles, organs and glands. It will reinforce the movement of the blood and lymph systems and the organism will start its natural cleansing from bad chemical and toxins. On the basis of these significant benefits we have our next proposal: Тао Signature Massage – City Escape.

You can escape the hectic city life and enjoy a relaxing and restoring massage session.

This will relax your entire body and will eliminate the pain and stress from the area of the legs, the back, the shoulders and the head.

Information  125 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.