| 12 | Traditional Thai- massage using Himalayan salt

The Thai massage is based on the localization of ten invisible energy lines called “Sen” throughout the body. Your journey will start by a hot bath for your feet and the use of some Himalayan salt. This therapy cleanses and refreshes the skin and opens the pores. The Himalayan salt or the so-called “white gold” in ancient times is very effective with regard to detoxification and the elimination of negative energy. It also helps the restoration of cells and tissues.

After the hot bath with Himalayan salt our Thai experts will continue with the massage which will be a high-level combination of Thai and Yoga techniques for stretching and recuperation with deep impact over the key areas of the body.

These techniques will stimulate the blood flow. Toxins will be eliminated from the body and this will provide powers for its natural healing. The daily Thai massage helps the acceleration of the detoxification process.

It will reduce the discomfort and stress levels as well. The massage will cover the entire body. Thai clothes will be used for the Thai massage and the procedure will be realized on a professional Thai massage bed.

Information  80 BGN 1 hour