| 12 | Traditional Thai Massage with Aroma Therapy

The Thai massage is based on the finding of ten invisible energy lines called “Sen” that pass through the body. Your journey will start by a foot bath using Himalayan salt. This will cleanse and refresh the skin and will open the pores. The Himalayan salt was called “white gold” even in ancient times. It is very effective in relation to detoxification and elimination of negative energy. The salt helps the restoration of cells and tissues throughout the body.

After the hot bath using Himalayan salt our Thai therapists will continue the massage with high-level combination of Thai and Yoga techniques for stretching and massage with deep impact over the body. These techniques will stimulate the blood flow. Toxins will be eliminated from the body and this will give it the potential to heal itself naturally.

The therapy will continue with the Asian theory related to energy principles in combination with the aroma therapy science. Thus a perfect East and West combination will be created. This is a magical and harmonizing experience that will effectively give you opportunity to remove the stress from your life, enhance your health and balance your emotions.

The massage covers the entire body. Thai clothes will be used for the massage and also a professional Thai massage bed.

information  125 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.