| 21 | Traditional Asian massage of the back, shoulders, neck and head

This deep massage of the body focuses on the alleviation of stress and discomfort in the zones which are most often affected by the dynamics and stress of everyday life. The modern life is associated with long hours of sitting before a computer and frequent travel using airplanes and cars.

This leads to bad posture and limited or repetitive movements. All this will bring an imbalance for our natural flow of movements. Therefore, we shall have limited blood flow, blocked energy circulation and improper breathing. This is often manifested as tension, chronic fatigue or pain. The overloaded zones such as the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders are prone to contract and this will bring tension and pain. This massage reaches deep in the muscles and tissues with slow and targeted movements.

The massage effectively eliminates the tensions and contracting in these zones.

The body will restore its natural state of balance and absence of stress.

This therapy helps the elimination of headaches and stress.

The massage includes targeting of specific parts of the back, the shoulders and the head.

Information  65 BGN 40 min.