| 15 | Aroma Massage with Hot Stones

The ТАО massage with oils combines the Asian knowledge related to energy principles and the aroma therapy science. Thus a perfect synergy will be created between the East and the West.   The massage starts with a hot bath for the feet where Himalayan salt is used.

The Himalayan salt helps the detoxification and eliminated the negative energy and stress. It helps the body reach the next therapy level which is a combination of aroma therapy and massage with hot stones.   The massage with hot stones is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years.

It uses flat, basalt stones that were heated in advance /stones with pleasant temperature/ which the massage expert places at specific parts of the body – energy centers. Then the masseur uses the stones for the treatment of the entire body.   This therapy can help the acceleration of the detoxification process.

The discomfort levels will be reduced and every stress in the body will be eliminated.   It is believed that these special zones control the energy flows in the body. In case we have clean and positively charged zones, the balance between the body and the soul will be maximized.  

The massage will cover the entire body and you will select the essential oil that will be used and that is most suitable for you.

Information  130 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.