Dear Clients,

We would like to assure you that the safety and wellbeing of our guests have the highest priority for us.

Thank you for your trust!

We get timely information about everything that is related to COVID 19 and we assure you that we comply with all safety recommendations.

Below you may see a brief description of the measures which we undertook in order to provide comfort to our guests.

Our place is a safe place!

TAO Center is a massage studio that offers service at a high level.

Our personnel is trained to work in the present conditions associated with COVID 19.

We have high level of hygiene.

Our employees wear masks.

Disposable overshoes are provided for persons who enter the studio.

Immediately after a session with a client an ozone equipment is used that neutralizes up to 99% of all microorganisms and bacteria.

The rooms and all contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at the start of the business day and after the session associated with every client.

We look forward to your visit!