| 6 | TAO SIGNATURE Massage – THAI Massage with Hot Stones

This massage combines Thai techniques with pressure exercised over the body using some hot stones.

This therapy starts with placement of the feet in hot water with some Himalayan salt and there is also a light foot massage. The Himalayan salt was known even in ancient times and it was specifically called “white gold”. The salt helps the better detoxification and cleansing from negative energy and stress. After a hot bath with Himalayan salt, out Thai therapist will continue with another massage using a high-level combination of Thai stretching techniques and massage with pressure exercised over specific parts of the body.

The massage with hot stones is an ancient technique dating back thousands of years. It includes the use of flat stones that were heated in advance /basalt stones/. The massage expert will place these stones at certain places or energy centers and the stones will be used for the massage of the entire body. The Thai massage is based on the identification of ten invisible energy lines called “Sen” within the body.

The heat and pressure of the stones will stimulate the blood flow with elimination of toxins and stimulation of the body to heal itself naturally. This therapy can help the acceleration of the detoxification process with reduction of discomfort levels and elimination of any type of strain within the body.

It is claimed that these special zones control the energy flow within the body and when they are clean and reinforced we shall have a balance between the body and the soul. The massage targets the entire body using the essential oil you selected.

Information  130 BGN 1 hour § 30 min.